About the Instructors

Shihan Ethan Capers

Shihan Ethan Capers has over 40 years of study in the Martial Arts and began training in the Bujinkan in 1996. His educational background is in kinesiology with a focus on clinical movement science, and he works in the healthcare field. He received Godan in November of 2004 under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. He also holds instructor level grades in Tae Kwon Do, and Dragon Gate Shin Bop Sool.

Shihan Capers seek to faithfully transmit the arts of the Bujinkan in the most complete and effective way possible, teaching according to the ways demonstrated by Soke Hatsumi and the Shihan in Japan. He believes that there is a process to studying the martial arts properly and that one must fully participate in that process without cutting corners in order to gain any true and useful grasp of the art.



Shihan Thomas Warfield II

Shihan Warfield began training in The Bujinkan in 2008. He received Godan (5th degree black belt) in 2013. He is currently a Hachidan. He has a a long history with athletics, and his educational background is in Kinesiology. Thomas currently works in healthcare.





Sensei Erik Dahlman

Sensei Dahlman passed his Godan test in 2018. He began training in 2008. He has an education in Physics. His classes typically focus on finding and refining the kihon (fundamental concepts) within the Kata.




Shihan Jo Warfield

Sensei Warfield began training in the Bujinkan since 2011. She received her Shodan in 2016. She passed her Godan test in 2018. She teaches the Fundamentals class at the dojo. The focus of her class is to explore the Tenchijin, the comprehensive basic curriculum for Bujinkan martial arts.