9Fit Classes

The Mizu Nagare Dojo shares space with 9Fit Functional Fitness.

Find out more by going to www.9FitLab.com

9Fit is a Group Functional Fitness Training community in Brooklyn Center MN, housed in a small residential facility. We offer a supportive atmosphere with high levels of personal attention.
General Information:

Functional training in Brooklyn Center.

9Fit uses principles of functional fitness training, incorporating kettle bells, Battle Ropes™, BOSU™ training, Physio-ball and TRX™. We also incorporate boot camp style progressive calisthenics for the purpose of achieving functional strength and structural integrity to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of age, sex, or current fitness level.

Classes are group centered, circuit based and structured around a 30-40 minute format. The skills learned will help new participants learn more about working out on their own and will help challenge and push experienced fitness enthusiasts alike while familiarizing everyone with a variety of cutting edge exercise techniques and equipment that fall in line with functional movement philosophy. 9Fit Functional training is highly applicable to the movements used in Bujinkan martial arts, and compliments the training very well.

Classes are led by Ethan Capers, SPT., BSc. Kinesiology, SMSTC.

Ethan is a former Bally’s Certified Personal Trainer, Certified TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Trainer, and Certified Level 1 Battle Ropes Coach, 9Fit classes focus on helping people train functionally to achieve a state of durability which can aid in the prevention of dysfunction, relieve stress and help boost metabolism to encourage life-long health behaviors.


Drop-in (per session after initial consult and orientation) $10.00
Monthly Membership (non-dojo) $60.00
Monthly Membership(dojo members) $40.00
Consultation w/assessments (By Appt. only) $45.00


“What is a consult and why should I schedule one?”

During a consult, assessments will be performed in order to gain insight to your personal fitness level, possible muscular dysfunctions and to calculate your metabolic profile. With this information, your workouts during 9Fit sessions and (more importantly) at home can gain an edge by knowing what you should focus on.

Consults are also a chance to help design and teach aspects of the functional philosophy to bring home into your own training to support and maximize the results you can get when doing a 9Fit approach to fitness. In addition to providing the guided workouts every week, 9Fit is committed to passing on the skills of functional training to build a community of mutual support and knowledge from evidence-based sources.

Whatever your goals, a 9Fit consultation is an essential part of a holistic process.

“Do I have to be a member to come use the drop-in rate?”

The short answer is no. The membership prices are set up to help save you money if you want to make 9Fit classes a part of your lifestyle. However, if you can’t attend all the classes, or you just want to do a few each month, then the drop-in rate is for you. If you are a drop-in 9Fitter, you can still schedule a consultation, get your biometrics and receive help in designing, refining and/or progressing your functional program.

There are also a number of community-building tools that we use to help 9Fit participants engage in and maintain a mutually supportive relationship- with fitness as a common bond. Even if you only train on a drop-in basis, you can still be a part of that community and receive the support from and connection to other 9Fitters.

“I haven’t worked out in a while, I don’t know if I am in good enough shape to do 9Fit. What do you think?”

Make no mistake, 9Fit workouts are challenging. However, every exercise we do can be scaled to each participant’s fitness level. Also, the more you know about your own fitness level, the more specifically you can hone your participation to maximize your results. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to ensure success. With regular consultations, you can empirically see the changes to your metabolic rate, strength, endurance, and athletic output.

Don’t let the fact that you aren’t where you want to be keep you from getting there. 9Fit isn’t just information, it is lifestyle support for lifelong health.

“Why do I have to RSVP to come to a workout?”

9Fit classes take place in a small, residential facility. In order to maximize personal attention and to address space and equipment concerns, there is a limit of 5 people to a class. That means, the instructor and 4 participants can engage in a typical 9Fit session in The Lab. In order to prevent overflow, we ask that participants RSVP on the 9Fit Facebook page at least 2 hours before a session.

9Fit is still relatively small and new. When we start regularly filling all slots for a session, additional sessions will be added. The 9Fit Facebook page can be found here.